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Tom Anelli, a nationally respected drunk driving attorney, has established a team of experienced former prosecutors and skilled criminal defense attorneys to represent clients with driving while intoxicated (DWI) arrests in Rochester and throughout New York State. The result is what we believe to be one of the most effective team of DWI lawyers in all of Western New York.

While all attorneys in New York are qualified to defend a Rochester drunk driving arrest, Rochester DWI defense is a complicated and evolving area of the law that often requires the knowledge and skill of an experienced drunk driving lawyer.

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Featured Rochester DWI Lawyer: Matthew C. Hagen

After graduating law school, Mr. Hagen decided to pursue a career in law enforcement as a Special Agent with the Department of Defense. He was stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, California, and then transferred to Eglin Air Force Base in Pensacola, Florida. After realizing that his true passion was practicing law, Mr. Hagen opened his own law office in Calexico, California, located in close proximity to the Mexican Border.

Fluent in Spanish, his practice focused heavily on immigration issues and criminal defense, including DWI. Mr. Hagen also served as an Assistant Federal Public Defender in the San Diego office before deciding to return to New York to be closer to family. Most recently, Matt served as an Assistant Public Defender for Monroe County where he handled thousands of misdemeanors and hundreds of felonies, many of those which were DWI cases.

Featured DWI Lawyer: Derek Wild

Derek Wild was born and raised in Rochester, New York. He is devoted to serving his local community and providing his clients high quality legal service. This commitment is premised on doing what needs to be done, and doing it right. He has attended numerous DWI defense seminars including some in New York City, Albany, and Boston. Derek has handled hundreds of DWI felony and misdemeanor cases since joining the Anelli Xavier team in 2010, he has dedicated his career to defending those charged with DWI. Mr. Wild says “DWI defense gives me the opportunity to advocate for good people who make a poor choice as well as helping the falsely accused.

Rochester DWI Lawyer Office

Regardless of the DWI charge or crime you are accused of in Rochester, New York, the process is generally the same and you may have many questions. Should I not have done a field sobriety test? What does BAC mean? Why am I being charged for refusing to do a breathalyzer test? What happens now? It is critically important to know that you do have the right to request legal counsel at any time during this process including before you submit to a breathalyzer. Equally important, your refusal to submit to these tests can result in the revocation of your license. Our Rochester DWI attorneys are committed to making sure you know your rights and get the answers you deserve.

If you or someone you love has been charged with a DWI in Rochester or anywhere in Western New York, you are not alone. Let us help you. Contact us today to discuss your charges and what see what your options are. Our office is located at: 510 Clinton Square, Rochester, New York 14604. Contact us today to discuss your charges FREE of charge at: (585) 627-0242.

Experienced Rochester Drunk Driving Attorneys

At our law firm, drunk driving defense is all we do. By not handling other types of law, we have been able to establish ourselves as accomplished Rochester DWI attorneys and elsewhere throughout Western New York.

Since we only handle driving while intoxicated defense, our Rochester DWI attorneys have been able to develop extensive knowledge of the complex scientific principles used by prosecutors to prove drunk driving arrests and a substantial understanding of the continually evolving statutory and regulatory laws which govern DWI charges in New York State.

Often the result of our Rochester drunk driving attorneys’ experience is either the negotiation of a favorable resolution to a client’s DWI arrest or, if a trial is necessary, the development of effective trial strategies that can successfully be used to defend a client’s driving while intoxicated charge in Western New York.

Our Experienced Rochester DWI Team Can Help With Your Rochester DWI Charge

As Rochester DWI defense attorneys we know this is a serious offense that deserves the attention of law enforcement, but plenty of good, honest and hard working people have lapses in judgment. The most important thing a DWI law firm can do is fight for their clients. At Anelli Xavier, DWI defense is all we do and we fight every case as hard as we do, to get the results our clients deserve. Our proven track record speaks for itself. We aggressively defend DWI charges both in court and in hearings by carefully strategizing with our clients to develop a defense. We specialize in developing successful defenses to your DWI charges by utilizing the science behind blood alcohol content (BAC) and our specialized knowledge of proper protocol during a DWI arrest was made. As a New York DWI law firm, our aggressive courtroom approach and proven track record leads to charges being dropped.

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